Granada Research is a consultancy that provides applied economic and market research, and business development services to profit-, non-profit and governmental enterprises.

Our core expertise is in the modeling, metrics development, economic impact and evaluation of systems performance at both the enterprise and regional-economy level. Our unique combination of analytical and writing skills give our clients the power to change minds and create better worlds.

We specialize in regional economic development, sustainable industries, financing communications and information technology.

We provide the following services:
  • Market Studies.
  • Economic Impact Studies.
  • Technology White Papers.
  • Strategic Planning and Business Development.
  • Investor Prospectus, Funding Memoranda Writing.
  • Quantitative Modelling.
  • Metrics, Indicators & Valuation Development.
  • Expert Consulting.
  • Speaking Engagements.

Our written documents and visual materials allow our clients to powerfully communicate with and persuade prospective investors, governmental agencies, customers, alliance partners, community groups, and team members.

We are based in the Pacific Northwest — Ashland, Oregon — and operate worldwide.

Our name is inspired by Granada, Spain, which during medieval times was a center of great learning, tolerance and ecumenism among Christian, Jew and Moslem, and served as an important historical channel between the ancient world and the modern.

Please contact us by phone at: 541-261-7019

Or by email at: tbyles@msn.com

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